Non-Executive Director:

I am now looking for a Non-Executive Director role which will fully utilise my quick grasp of fundamentals and particularly value my experience of service orientated businesses (retail, housing, leisure)… especially my 14 years in that paradigm of customer focus, The John Lewis Partnership.

While my CV tells a story, the articles on my website give more of an insight into how I believe Service and Brand are enhanced by an holistic approach to Internal and External Communications and Management. This insight and interest in open communication and accountable management would make me the ideal nominated NED to take responsibility for representing employees’ views on a Board (cf. the Tory manifesto).

Interim Manager: 

I am also open to interim management opportunities:

[Transformation/Turnaround]: A jargon-averse business analyst with an exceptional knack for seeing the wood for the trees and then providing communicable solutions which help to obtain ‘buy-in’ from stakeholders.

[BAU]: A problem solving, solutions-focused, senior manager ideally suited to cover a maternity/sick leave management vacancy or to provide short-term leadership/project support.

Industry Sector Experience

Key Skills

  • Operations, Projects and Finance
  • Strategic Review
  • Communications – external & internal/culture change
  • Team Leadership

Key Achievements 

Operations, Projects and Finance – Managed £3m annual EU/UK Govt. budgets. Investor relations – raised £950K from German and UK investment institutions and HNIs. Built a business in Germany from a greenfield site to a £1m turnover.  Devised pay-for-performance KPI systems to manage partner agencies. Group Retail Manager for a chain of 9 shops and a warehouse.

Strategic Review – Identified £700K savings in John Lewis’s building and maintenance and 65% in the internal post system; revised capital financing protocols; recommended efficiencies in estate management.

Communications – Issues & reputational risk management and brand defence for an £8bn retail group. Journalism. Marketing material publishing. Saved c£250K by digital channel shift to new interactive and function-rich website. Introduced culture-change mechanisms for increased customer focus and stakeholder engagement. Managed international campaigns for the UK Govt.  Experienced broadcast and national and international print Media interviewee. Presenting to MPs in the House of Commons and politicians and senior officials of 8 EU governments.

Team Leadership – Motivated and managed small, medium and large teams in an open and accountable way to encourage performance and develop potential – in single and multiple locations. Managed HR:  recruitment; devised/implemented/delivered salary & performance structures, and management training.


Career Summary


FFN Consulting Ltd

FFN Consulting is the company through which I offer experience of professional communications in large commercial and NFP organisations; strategic management consultancy; entrepreneurial business building; and very extensive leadership and team management.

I would welcome new opportunities to use my profound understanding of the interrelation between External Comms, Internal Comms, Management and Culture and how a strong relationship between all those things sustains and develops Brand and makes for outstanding service to customers and response to all stakeholders.

If you would like me to send you a full CV please or contact you to discuss an opportunity please use the form below: